Sunday, January 25, 2009



where's my blog?
here' s da story

i was trying to change my templete
then an error occured
and everything got messed up..

i got quite mad ... (bad me... bad me..)

loosing my patience
and also my hope of solving da error

i took da easy
yet sad (for me) way out


and create a new one... (should i or should i not?)

i dunno if i had choosen da right or wrong way out
let da bygone be bygone (am i using dis correctly?)

there's always 'hikmah' in everything dat happen
i believe in dis

dun think i dun know dat my previous blog was lame n boring..
yeah, i know... i know...

i hope
my new one would at least not be as boring as de old one
(you see... i'm not a pro-blogger yet trying to blog..
please make this easy 4 me.. thanks (^^,) )